Cristián Aguayo Mohr

Founding Partner

Lawyer from the Universidad Central de Chile (1995).
Graduate of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in “labor law and social security in the enterprise” (2003). Graduate of the Universidad Internacional SEK on “New Labour Courts and Procedure” (2006). He has been practicing for more than 10 years, talks, seminars and trainings on labor reform in Chile, unemployment insurance, changes in working hours, the bill as an enforceable contract law, collective bargaining, the union contract and other related subjects, events that have participated executives, directors and owners of leading companies in economic affairs and social development.
He specializes in comprehensive advice to large companies concentrating on the prevention and settlement of labor disputes, both individually and collectively, and in litigation on the matter.

PUNTO LEX y THOMPSON REUTERS have published his works in the field of monitoring labor and collective bargaining, respectively, and has made some reports in law in matters of employment law. Co.Author of two books published by Thompson Reuters, “Fiscalización laboral” (2009) and “Manual de la negociación colectiva” (2011).
Member of the Bar Association of Chile.
Author of the Practical Manual of Collective Bargaining, of the law N ° 20.940 Thomson Reuters 2017

Specialty: Labor Law (Litigation and Consulting).